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AML/CFT Programme


AML/CFT Compliance Programme

Once the AML/CFT Risk Assessment is completed the next building block is to draft the Compliance Programme, which is based around implementing policies, procedures and controls, these include:

  • Vetting of your compliance officer and senior staff,
  • AML/CFT training for all involved,
  • CDD and the various layers of information required,
  • Overview of how your business is addressing risks identified,
  • Identify any material changes in businesses you represent,
  • Client monitoring processes to detect and deter AML/CFT,
  • Highlight any products or services you provide that favour anonymity.

To combat Money Laundering (ML) / Financial Terrorism (FT) processes will need to be put in place. We all play a role in detecting and eliminating potential fraudsters. We will work with your compliance officer to tailor or improve processes for all key areas of the legislation.

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